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Prescott Highland Games for 2014     
  are over and we would like to thank all who participated
as our Guests, our Volunteers, our  Vendors, our Dancers,
our Pipers, our Entertainers and the members
of the Prescott Area Celtic Society.

It is all these people and more who make our Games possible.
Thank You!

(June 16, 2014) - As the webmaster I have been remiss in not mentioning our Athletes and our own Prescott Highland Hammerheads.  After all, the Highland Games are all about the Athletes.  That is the primary reason for the Games.   We thank those athletes that came a great distance to participate in our Games, with a special thanks to our local Prescott Highland Hammerheads for their help in organizing the  Athletic Events this year.
The 2014 Athletic Event held this year at the Prescott Highland Games were very special to us as a new world record was set and another world record tied, showing that indeed the Prescott Highland Games are very meaningful to the athletes world  wide.

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Coming May 9th and 10th 2015 Prescott Highland Games
Be There!

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We would like to have over 500 members by the next
Highland Games on May 10 and 11, 2014.

Facebook:      Prescott Highland Hammerheads.  A club focused on Scottish Heavy Athletics
(aka Highland Games). We meet regularly to throw heavy stuff
around and generally have fun.  These are the athletes that perform
at the Prescott Highland games.

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